Maor Shushan

Owner & Chief Barber

A little bit more about

Maor Shushan

What is your full name?

Maor Shushan {pronouced MAH – OR}

How old are you?


Why did you become a barber?

I have been immersed in hairdressing my entire life. I started working as a teenager at my father’s salon and have never looked back. I love the satisfaction of seeing happy clients and really enjoy making people look great and feeling full of confidence.

How long have you been qualified?
I have been qualified for over 20 years

Who trained you?
I was trained by the best, my father. I also took professional training courses overseas and here in the UK at the Hair for Men Academy.

What is a mobile barber?

A mobile barber is a barber who comes to you, whether it’s your home or office.

Where will you operate in London?

North, North West London and Hertfordshire.

What makes you different from a fixed location barber?

Convenience. We come to you. No waiting time, no trying to find parking, no travelling, no worries. We bring a high-end bespoke barber experience to you for your comfort and convenience.

What level of service can people expect?

The highest level of service. We will bring all the kit, play the music you like (if at all), provide refreshments and clean up after. When we leave, you will feel you have had the best barber experience and your house or office will be spotless.

Do you offer full barber services?

Yes we offer the following services in your home or office;

  • Beard Trim
  • Clippers Maintenance All Over
  • Haircut & Style
  • Haircut & Re-Style
  • Skin Fade
  • Clippers Maintenance All Over & Beard
  • Haircut, Beard Trim & Style
  • Haircut, beard Trim & Re-Style
  • Skin Fade, Style & Beard
  • Skin Fade, Re-Style & Beard